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Thread: Havent Seen Anyone Ask This One Yet...

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    K i've gotten a few games from IRC and every time i end up having to get a NO CD patch, sometimes i cant find one and never get to use the game, is there way to use the info from each cd that download to run it off the CD so to speak? I use Winrar and then isobuster to extract it, and yes its always in .001 format or whatever. When it asks for cd i've tried mounting it on daemon tools but still wont detect it as CD, can anyone help please?

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    Heh ok i figured it out sortah, apparently there is usually an NFO file with these types and i didnt realize you open them with notepad and apparently they explain how to do it. Seems most of them now require you to burn the play CD using Alcohol 120%. Only problem now is i gotta figure out if i have to burn it in the orignal IMAGE format or burn the files i got after i extracted the IMAGE, any help is appreciated.

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    burn it as a IMAGE


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