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Thread: Hitman Contracts Demo

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    figured i would try the demo (192 megs) and if i liked it get it. B) anyways the damm thing wont work. intalls fine yet when i try to start it just goes black like it's loading then back to desktop with no errors or anything. so i figured maybe i got a bad demo dl from gamershell , unusual but crap happens, so i re-download it through gigex. ( by the way both these places are a lot faster than 3Dgamers). same shit different pot. so i check out the websites and see that a lot of people who bought the game are having problems with it. bet their pissed anyways anyone tried the demo? i realize it just came out today but you never know. and if you have gotten the full game from elsewhere, ( lots of people on mIRC )does it work? i am sure patches are on the way cause a lot of the problems are graphics card issues. my card is ati 9000 pro 128mgs.

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    What graphics card you got? Many times that is why you would get the error. I know this because of my GeForce4 MX440. Alot of good, new games out dont like the MX series. Check the compatability of your card before you buy any games.
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    If you really want to play this, you have to use the old 3.8 Catalyst drivers. Then it should start up, but go into the advanced video options and turn off "post filter" for it to run faster.

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    You could try updating your video card drivers.


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