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Thread: Bsplayer 1.00 808

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    Version 1.00 RC1 Build 808 released (27 Apr 2004)

    - Fixed inc/dec postprocessing shortcut for ffdshow
    - Fixed %FR tag in capture format
    - Fixed problems with big AVI files, if movie was paused and then 'frame step' function was used, after un-pause it would continue at random position
    - Fixed shutdown problem, computer didn't power off
    - Fixed bookmark editor
    - Fixed jump to time option, sometimes wrong time was displayed
    - Fixed filter property pages, wasn't working for audio files
    - Fixed RGB overlay, RGB overlay was never used even if it was selected
    - If OSD was disabled in Overlay mode and certain function was used (for ex. 'Change aspect ratio&#39 picture disappeared, fixed
    - WinLIRC IP and port wasn't remembered, fixed
    - Fixes/changes with OGM subtitles and audio stream switching/support
    - It should run from CD now with .ini/.bsi files
    - Some other fixes with ini/bsi files
    - Sometimes window will go behind taskbar and wasn't visible, fixed
    - Fixed subtitle StartTime bug in .ini/.bsi files
    - Some other bug fixes and changes
    * Player will now use different settings file for every user (BSPlayer.USERNAME.xml)
    * Changed audio stream switching, multiple audio streams should be now detected for any file
    + Added some new command line options, description is in file .\doc\cmdline.txt
    + It's now possible to use text from language file for button descriptions in skin.ini, look in .\skins\Base\skin.ini for example
    + Movies with more parts will be now automatically added to playlist, when first part is open (for ex. Movie.CD1.avi -> Movie.CD2.avi)
    + Added option to disable history (recent files)
    + Added basic support for SSA subtitles (bold, italic, underline, font name and color codes are currently supported)
    + Added option to split subtitle line if it's too long
    + Added anamophic aspect ratio
    + It's now possible to set default Aspect and Pan-scan settings for items added to playlist

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    I wish it was stable enought to go final, though.

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