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Thread: How Can I Plat Downloaded Films On My Dvd Player

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    i can download films off this site but they wont play on my dvd player, i dont have one on my pc, but if someone could tell me how to write them to vcd that would be a great help,thanks

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    Go Here it should tell you everything you need to know about making vcds B)

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    If the movie is an mpeg you can burn it as a VCD useing Roxio, Nero, or a number of CD burners. If it is avi or divix you will first have to convert it to an mpeg and then burn it as a VCD.

    You need a fairly new DVD player and a good quality one. B)

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    Don't worry about new and good quality DVD players! Get the ones that cost like $50 or $70 as they were made for VCD's and are really cheap!


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