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    Can somebody help me with this,I am running ME and nothing but trouble,So I down loaded XP Pro,When I upgrade everything goes ok , Only trouble is I have no CD drive when finished, only Floppy and Local Disk,it is there when I unstall and go back to ME can do with any help thanks... :helpsmile:

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    Something may not be compatible with xp,

    get the sp & updates(drivers) m8....

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    You probably need to install the drivers for your motherboard. These are often amongst the few drivers that don't come with XP. You may need to go to the manufacturer's site to find them if your mobo is pre-XP.
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    Wait... did you upgrade or do a clean install? If you upgraded from within Windows, you're asking for trouble. There's a chance of inheriting ME's problems.

    Well, in any case. I would check ALL drivers to see if they are up to date. Upgrading from ME has caused some problems with me in the past, like even having to update the BIOS.

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    Try going into the device manager, through control panel / system.

    You may see the CD as not working.

    Remove it from the system then reboot.

    XP should re-install what it needs when it detects the new device.

    I have done this a couple of times.


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