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Thread: Windows Os

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    Forgive me if i am being thick but what is the difference between server 2003 and xp pro?


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    Server 2003 is optimised for use as a server and has extra facilities included as standard.

    Some people say that resource management is better on Server 2003, but if you don't need the server facilities I feel you would need extra disk space and memory to store/load these facilities just for them to lie dormant.

    The basic kernel is exactly the same, so anything which improves resource management is down to registry settings. Working out exactly what they are is another matter. I'm sure they will be well documented, but there are so many of them it is difficult to work out which ones would produce significant benefits.
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    You beat me to it lynx man

    anyway mine
    basically like a win2k for the xp os family

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    Thanks Lynx!

    Its for a college assignment so i needed that otherwise i would have looked a tit!

    One more question if you can answer?

    What is a comparable linux version to server 2003?


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