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Thread: Program Errors

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    alot of files I download (zips and sharereactor.bins) end up showing as what I call the old windows 98 PROGRAM icon, a rectangular blue screen with trim icon. Now whenever I ry to open them all I get is a command prompt type window which flashes for only a second and its hard to tell, but it says that there is not enough memory to run the program more or less...I'm running XP professional and have my page file set large and am running 256Mb of RAM

    can anyone assist here as to how I caqn resolve the issue without merely deleting the program...all other normal showing programs download and open well in general


    all the way from the heart of the Ozarks

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    step 1.
    step 2. read pinned topics about bin/iso files
    step 3. ???
    step 4. profit

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    thanks for the assistance but you've lost me....of course I was lost when I started The link seems to be nothing but an anti virus site

    please note too that most these files were of a .zip file type too
    maybe I am missing the point or page

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    you may need to change the extension (the last 3 letters  ) to .iso or .bin.
    open any folder and then tools>folder options>view and untick the box " hide extensions for known file types" and apply then right click on the file rename and change the last three digits to iso or bin. then just install deamon tools and mount it in a virtual drive 

    and yeh it could also be a virus


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