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Thread: Cannot Get Green Light

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    Up until recently i am finding it imposible to get a greenlight when downloading using bittorent. I am using shadows client. I am behind an SMC router but i forwarded the ports. I even double checked that port 6969 was forwarded and it was. I just want to know why i cant get a green light? I am downloading slower than normal (around 30kb/s) and cant get that green light.


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    you need to open 6881 to 6889
    find your router here
    follow the instructions carefully

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    alrite i did that and i still cannot get it back to normal. When i click on the "display green when firewalled" it will display green so obviously i am not doing somthing right. When i forward the ports i have to forward them indivdually and that would take a huge amount of time, are there any keys ports that BT uses?????

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    Have you read through the port forward topic in hte bittorrent -> tips section, i know you've forwarded the ports, but there might be some useful info in there, eg a while ago I wrote

    if you've forwarded the ports as described and you still have problems try turning off the option to block anonymous internet requests (if your router has the option)
    and there may be more suggestions in there.

    Also do you have a software firewall (maybe even just the xp built in one, though i doubt it could actually block anything), if not then the only other suggestion i have is to fiddle with your router's security settings and try and find whatever is causing the problem.

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    alrite thanks. i dont have a software firewall. I disabled the one that came with XP a while ago.


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