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Thread: Vdsl

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    There is this thing called VDSL
    i went to korea for this bizness and the computer i was using had vdsl.
    People said dat it went 10 times faster than adsl and i think it is.. It downloaded movies in matter or couple minutes
    so nebody heard of it?

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    I've heard of it...
    There is DSL, ADSL, SDSL, AND VDSL .
    VDSL is the fastest since its for business.
    DSL AND ADSL is for home or office use, ADSL offers 4MB/PS for business or if you want to pay over 100 dollars a month for that type of bandwith.
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    isnt dsl the name used to group all of the others together?
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    Yes - I am knowledgeable of this terminology. It apparently makes of a provision of bandwidth exceeding 50Mbps. Therefore, it exceeds in suitability in the business sector.


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