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Thread: White Chicks

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    In “White Chicks,” directed by big brother Keenen Ivory, the two play detectives assigned with foiling the planned kidnapping of a pair of spoiled, filthy-rich, lily-white heiresses named the Wilton sisters.

    The cops go undercover—as the Wilton sisters.

    It looks like they sold the Scary Movie franchise and are moving on nicely.

    From Shawn Wayans:

    “We watched “Legally Blonde.’ And the Paris Hilton video, of course. We went out to clubs for months and just got drunk with white girls. We studied their cadences, and they taught us how to dance off beat.”

    June 23

    A definite must see
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    That was some funny shit!

    Im definately seeing that one...

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    Looks like crap IMO

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    LMFAO the radio part looks hillarious&#33;&#33;

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    looks fucken funny&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

    i am a huge fan of the wayan brothers

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    awesome&#33;&#33;wayan brothers are funny as hell...
    I&#39;ve never heard of this moive before, but I&#39;m glade someone said somthing

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    Hmmm... looks worse then the Scary Movies

    This sucks
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    The only movie with any of the Wayan&#39;s bro&#39;s I remember thinking funny was Dont Be A Menace....
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