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Thread: When Using Overnet, My Dsl Internet Disconnects :(

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    I think that Overnet is the best thing since the original Kazaa. Its amazing and there is not 1 file that i havent found on there. But the only problem i have with it is that for some reason, whenever i use it, after like 5 or 10 mins, my DSL internet disconnects, which is not supposed to happen at all. At first, when i first downloaded Overnet, it wouldnt work for me because i had to foward some ports. I fowarded a bunch of ports, and Overnet finally works for me. But now, my DSL internet disconnects after a while. What can/should i do??

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    I attribute this to at least 1 of these causes, possibly more than 1:
    1.excessive connections at once -- Win 9x/ME cannot handle more than 100 connections at once.
    2.faulty drivers for some critical networking component -- be it the DSL modem, network card, or possibly a router.
    3.firewall interferance -- either caused by a buggy software firewall or an over-aggressive hardware firewall either in the DSL modem or possibly in a router (if used.)
    4.wireless connection -- this is also sort of a faulty driver issue, but wireless connections are NOWHERE NEARLY AS STRONG OR RELIABLE as a direct wired connection at the present time for 40+ connections-at-once which max out the internet connection.
    5.virus/trojan activity which coincides with peak levels of activity and causes a computer crash.
    6.cpu/ram/hard drive overloads -- too many programs may be competing for limited resources on the computer at once.
    7.Errors in the file-sharing program (or in the OTHER END's file-sharing programs) are causing crash-causing data to be sent/received... thus a crash occurs.


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