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Thread: .bin/cue Tp Mpeg

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    canany1 help me i had a program that converted .bin/cue files to mpeg n when i lost my hard drive!!! i obv lost the program n now i cant remember wot its called or find it. any1 any idea which it could be

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    vcdgear mate thats the one

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    You can open the image with IsoBuster then navigate to the MPEG2 folder. Right-click the AVSEQ01 file and click on "Extract But Filter Only M2F2 Mpger Frames" then select a folder to save it to and change the name to whatever you want.
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    You could also use videolan mate to view straight from the bin..iif you like

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    just to confuse you
    mount with deamon tools
    then you can just copy the dat in the mpegav folder to your HD then rename it to movie_name.mpg


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