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Thread: Bittorrent Over A 2 Computer Network

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    hiya all,
    ive got winxp and broadband internet on my main computer. everything works fine on this. however my other computer(Win98) which is directly connected to my main comp only connects to local clients in bitorrent. therfore i only get speeds of 1 or 2 kb/s ive forwaded the first 10 ports (6881-6890) and port 6969 but still no joy. internet works fine on this computer also. i wonder if anyone knows how to forward multiple ports in xp?
    please could someone help me out.

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    BitTorrent running on the Win 98 computer could hammer the Win XP computer to death -- or rather till the internet connection falters.

    EACH connection BT makes on the Win98 comp has to create 2 connections on the Win XP computer. With BT potentially making 60+ connections, this could easily top 100 connections on the Win XP computer and force it to run at max speed for the internet connection.

    Such an indirect connection scheme doesn't work well at all for BitTorrent, which by its nature EXPECTS 10's to 100's of DIRECT connections at once.

    If you can, get a router and use that between both computers and the internet connection. It can offer an extra degree of protection as well.

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    thanks for that. ill see if i can get one.


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