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Thread: Storing Passwords

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    I have noticed a weird phenomon with my browsers and perhaps someone here can explain it to me.

    My current browser of choice is MyIE2.
    It does a fine job of remembering all my passwords so I don't have to log into my regular sites ( here, for instance).
    Fine everywhere that is, except for my Comcast mailbox.
    It never saves my login to that one site, although it does ask ( every damn time&#33 if I want it to remember it for me.
    I always chesk "yes" and then it propmtly forgets it.

    My Mozilla Firefox browser remembers it without fail.

    Any explanations?
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    Your Comcast mailbox probably uses cookies differently. I doubt it's a problem with MyIE2. Try using regular IE because it's MyIE2's base, and if it does the same then it's gotta be the site. Personally, I don't like the idea of storing passwords.

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    Not sure but some sites handle requests differently I believe.

    I have the same situation with few sites & I use MyIE2...Alt + 1 & Alt + q comes pretty handy
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    Originally posted by Xero Grid@29 April 2004 - 22:29
    Your Comcast mailbox probably uses cookies differently. I doubt it&#39;s a problem with MyIE2.
    Then why does Firefox manage to handle this site properly?
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    LightStar Technologies does the same damn thing for me as well and I use ye ole&#39; Internet Explorer.

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    Same thing also happens when trying to save a password for an oneandone account. Though firefox does it fine, I think it&#39;s a security thing with the site, and is able to not allow IE remember passwords to make sure no one else on your computer would use the site. It seems myIE2 is built on IE so it makes sense how that is also effected by it, and firefox is not. Just a guess .. bt a logical one you gotta admit.


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