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Thread: Invalid Avi Files

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    " This is an invalid AVI file due to corruption of the data in the header. This is a serious problem, and this file is not likely to playable

    Details: While processing chunk /RIFF:AVI , found bad length value 2051484524 at file offset 0x000007f8"\
    I get above from using GSPOT quite frequently for most of CAM files. In fact AVI preview counter only registers a "0" value for AUDIO content of these files.
    I have used DIVX, BS Player, Centurion, Windows Media player and etc...........
    but no luck.
    I know I may have all needed codecs, So......................... what is missing here??

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    if it doesn't play in videolan its a fake

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    Are you trying to say perhaps three/quarter of all CAM files are fake???

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    yea, the fasttrack network is full of them, most people have moved on to other networks emule is similar to kazaa but thats up to you
    look around the board for alternatives to kazaa

    but like I said try the file in videolan (click) if it doesn't play 99.99999 % chance its a fake


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