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Thread: How Can I Play Ps2 On Pc

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    Feb 2004
    k i just downloaded the night fight and the ffx2 but i dunno how to play it on pc
    any1 know this pls help??

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    How Can I Play Ps2 On Pc
    You can't. There isn't a single decent emulator yet.

    Keep an eye on this site, and play your games on a real PS2.

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    correct, no good emulator and most likely you have a virus if you DL'ed any "ps2 emulator" on kazaa

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    Feb 2004
    k so emulator ps2 dont work on pc yet right? but soon they will make it work?

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    Originally posted by json55@1 May 2004 - 10:45
    k so emulator ps2 dont work on pc yet right? but soon they will make it work?
    "Soon" isn't really the word, I'm afraid. People are working on it, and a version that can run select commercial titles on a somewhat playable level isn't out of the question in the foreseeable future, but don't hold your breath.

    To get some perspective : the N64 was launched in '96. Today, it can be emulated to the point where most games are playable on a decent system - but not without glitches, slowdown or bad textures. Now keep in mind that the PS2 is not only four years younger but also technically more complex and dependant on far more powerful hardware - which is why it won't be coming to a PC near you anytime soon.

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    Get a capture card, but you'd still need a ps2
    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.

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    i'd recommend getting your ps2 a modchip , and then you can play burned games on it.

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    jus buy a ps2 and get it modded

    if they did bring out a ps2 emu you would have to have a really good system and still they wont play as they do on ps2 they will be slow and crash etc

    only decent emus are for gba and nes

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    do the number of threads asking for "next generation" emulators seem to be increasing, or WUT? there should just be a pinned topic that says something like "ATTENTION: CONSOLE EMULATOR NEWBIES" with a list that just says yes/no where yes means "playable" and no means "either doesn't exist, you can use it to watch game intros at 3 frames per second, or it only emulates one game that you're better off playing the PC version of."

    2600/5200/7800 - yes
    Lynx - yes
    Jaguar - yes?

    Colecovision - yes

    Intellivision - yes

    Famicom/NES - yes
    Super Famicom/SNES - yes
    N64 - yes
    GB/GB Color/GB Advance - yes
    GameCube - no

    Master System - yes
    Mega Drive/Genesis/Sega CD/32X - yes
    Game Gear - yes
    Saturn - no
    Dreamcast - no

    PC Engine/Turbo Grafx 16 - yes

    Neo Geo - yes
    Neo Geo Pocket - yes

    Playstation - yes
    Playstation 2 - no

    Xbox - no

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    0-16 bit : all
    16-64 bit : some
    64+bit : none

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