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Thread: Splinter Cell Probs

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    Right I looked all over to find this game and it is the hardest thing in my life to find cd 3 donít work always corrupt got 5 different ones now all different sizes and who said size donít matter

    Then thereís no bugger sharing on eMule, thereís another waste of time as most people are LEACHERS and all they do is TAKE TAKE TAKE never share the goods and it is really getting on my nerves to down load a new file only to find some bugger had renamed a old movie just because he wants to waste his own bandwidth as no other bugger would (What D*ICK`S They Are)

    Dose any one not think to rename the file of splinter cell CD3 to something like HAY HERES ONE THAT WORKS

    Or could some one give me a link to a class copy were i dont need to install a anti leech sh*t that adds SPY-WARE to my comp

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    If you're using emule, sharereactor might have a link. Emule automatically redownloads corrupt parts and does people who don't share there usually leave because their speed will never rise.


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