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Thread: Ppoe

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    I want to use PPoE. But why is it inactive?

    BTW My isp gave me a lame DSL conncetion Softy. Which are good software to connect to DSL?
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    um i dont understand why they are greyed out

    do you have the nic in network connections

    i assume you have an adsl modem connected to that nic

    raspppoe is what i used to use with win 2000, it should work with xp,

    but still i would investigte further why they are greyed out b4 you do that

    your not connected through a router are you , one that connects to your isp and holds the connection, if so then you could use that setting because the modem router is doing the pppoe work for you , and basicaly you are just connecting through lan

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    I used to use a router before. Now I am not sharing my connection anymore. I am trying to connect directly.

    What is a nic?

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    Here is there website.

    lame DSL conncetion Softy
    Have you tryed uninstalling it? Maybe it is disabling it. (To prevent possible problems so your isp does not have noob customers bitchin at their support lines )

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    Is your ethernet/network card installed properly and active? If it is not detecting a LAN or the cable is unplugged, you will be unable to set up the service.

    And make certain that your DSL modem and/or router are "on". Testing the wall jack for a "dial-tone" may not hurt either.

    If you are using XP then do not waste your time using anything your ISP ever gives you software-wise. You do not need it unless the ISP does not permit direct connections through a standard browser and a windows network connection (IE, MyIE2, Mozilla, Firefox, etc...).


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