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    I dont mean to sound ungrateful but I've finally managed to sort out the keygen thing in WITHOUT THE FORUM'S HELP ... (although I did ask and got no response...&#33
    Now I'm hit with the 'CD option' which isn't feesible and can't find any sources for the complete prog and - without sounding like a complete spoiled brat - I WANT IT - simple as that!
    But it's like hens teeth! I just can't believe that we can get quality stuff from PSP, Adobe, Corel, Ulead and Macromedia etc in full working order and ready to go (usually anyway) yet can't seem to get this lovely little maker up and running.
    It's doin me 'ead in! But I shall not give in - I shall have it...mmm, I shall!
    Can anyone help? Take me to the final stage? Seems I'm so near yet still so far...
    (Warning: handle me with care coz not only am I new to this place, it's also a dodgy time of month, get ma drift?! AND I've just finished the last of my wine 'MMmmmmmI want'.
    Oooh! Is that a challenge or what!

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    Why don't you just download Xara Menu Maker from the official website and get a crack for it?

    The crack is available here (for educational purposes only, of course).

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    ehh get swish? lolz...

    swish 2.0

    main menu has it... i used it to make menu for my homepage lolz

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    Thanks ever so much fer yer rapid response.
    As I said, it's difficult fer a newbie. Obviously youz have a few things sussed judging by yer response/s but ye have to appreciate that I'm just learninn bout Kazaa and her capabilities and all the jargon and codes(?) that go along with her.
    Please, just put yersels in my shoes fer a mo. Imagine that yer tryin to learn Gaelic and yev reached second term... :x (ok maybe not&#33
    Firstly - I don't know what a 'crack' is (although I have my theory/rough idea which may be right or wrong, I dunno) nor do I know how to use a 'crack'. Secondly .. erm.. I have Swish 2.0 (got from Kazza recently) but what does that have to do with it? (and I mean that most sincerely).
    Please enlighten me good peeps - I'm all ears!
    Genuine thanks...
    Also, I just found a beer! :beerchug:

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    When you download trial versions from the official websites, you usually get the full program but with some limitations, such as some features disabled or a limited time to use it (30 or 15 days are the most common). When this time period expires, the software will simply refuse to start, forcing you to register it, if you want to keep using the program. Of course that with the registration always comes payment.
    After you pay to register, usually they will send you a username and a serial number so that you can unlock your software and continue to use it.

    This is where cracks come in handy!

    When you use a crack, it will patch the main program and "trick it" to believe that it has already been registered, and thus unlocking the software from all its restrictions and limitations.
    Keygens are similar to cracks. The difference is that these will generate a username and serial number based on the data you enter, allowing you to register the software with your own name if you would like to. You will then have to manually enter the username and serial number generated by the keygen, into the software (usually it's under 'Help' > 'Register' from inside the program).
    Cracks usually register the software with the name of the guy/team who created the crack and they automatically do it, without the need of manually entering the username and serial number into the program.

    Serial numbers do the same as cracks and keygens do, but they are not programs. They simply give you the username and serial number that you need to enter, in order to unlock the software.

    To use cracks/keygens, simply put them in the same folder as the software you want to unlock, and double-click it.
    You can also read the instructions that usually come with the cracks/keygens for more information.

    WARNING: Always check the cracks/keygens for virus, with an updated anti-virus. I also don't recommend downloading any cracks/keygens from Kazaa, because they are usually trojans or virus.

    Use the crack sites for that, such as or (this one has a great search engine that allows you to search the best crack sites on the net).

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    Thank you so much DataMore - you have been the most helpful person that I've met on this forum. Yer explanations were excellent: you told me what I've wanted to know. Now I have a much better understanding of what's involved.
    I'll give it a try and let you know what happens.
    Cheers again! :beerchug:


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