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Thread: Connection Prob

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    I'm kinda new here, don't know much about what's goin on but there's a problem with my connection to kazaa. It stays on the "connecting" status for a while then when it finally connects it shows me a "problem" messages forcin me to close down the program. If anyone can help let me know.


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    What is the "problem message" that popups?

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    It says "KazaaLite.kkp has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvience." Then it has a "Send Error Report" and "Don&#39;t Send" button before it closes.

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    it could be your firewall or connection but first start by checking for a corrupt file in your shared folder then if that does not do it try deleting your db folder. and if that does not do it, try running the compatibality wizard (might be a windows update)


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