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Thread: Seinfeld

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    You know the episode that start at the end and goes to the beginning? The one where Sue Allen (Elane's friend that doesnt wear a bra) get married in India. And that guy FDR wishes Kramer to drop dead for his birthday wish.

    I was thinking of getting it and then editing it so that it plays in sequence. Do you think that will make it funnier?
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    I doubt it. Because information was revealed in a way so that it'd be funnier to see what happened beforehand. In the first scenes, information is revealed that happened in India in which you don't know how it happened (like Kramer's rivalry with FDR, etc.). Keeping this is the back of your mind, it's funny to find out how it happened.

    If you think looking at a script would help you, you can view one at

    Good look!
    P.S. If you do decide to do this project, I'd be very interested in seeing the results, so could you post a hash or something when you finish? Thanks!


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