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Thread: Mozilla Thunderbird Question.

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    I use thenderbird as my emailing client. problem with it is that when i view a received email on one windows user account , i cant see the email in my other windows user account. Can someone please tell how i could possibly fix this , or if there are other BETTER emailing clients out there , please..

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    Mozilla Email, and probably Thunderbird, do not leave the email on the server by default. I'm not sure how Thunderbird is set up, but it should still be pretty similar to Mozilla's email client...

    Edit -> Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings... -> [choose your account] -> Server Settings -> check "Leave messages on server"

    Hmm... on second reading, I realized that may not be your problem. Sorry.

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    I had the same problem using Thunderbird 0.5

    I'd check my email in my Xp user account no probs.
    But then my g/f couldn't login to her email with her Xp user account unless she rebooted the PC.

    This issue seems to be fixed in 0.6... Haven't had a problem since updating.


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