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    I have about 400 dvd's that i want to share, but i am looking for a program that will convert my dvds to one single avi file that is good quality and that will fit on a standard 80 min cd.
    Anyone know of a program that will do this.....i am a beginner at ripping!
    Thanks, StEpS

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    Well then the best thing to check out these sites as they will have all the info you will need


    These sites will tell you what tools you need and show you where to get them..hope that helps

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    I like DVD Copy Plus. Does everything you say and can be run as a tutorial, great for novices. Once you are used to it you can just use the individual components. It can create vcd's or encode to avi using any codec you have. I like DIVX5. You can control everything you want about the finished file, including size.

    Good luck with your project.

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    Thanks guys i'll look into those programs, and do a little experimenting!!

  5. Software & Hardware   -   #5 for DVDx for Gordian Knot (some say its better than DVDx)

    Good luck!


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