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Thread: Writing Websites

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    Just a quick question. I was wondering which program(s) are the easiest to use when it comes to putting a small website together. I'm not looking to put up anything with loads of animation and things like that, just text and some pictures.

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    You might get more answers if you asked in internetworld, but imo dreamweaver is a good choice. However, I'd strongly recommend you learn how to write html ie just in a text editor, (there are loads of tutorials online) because if you rely on a webpage making program then you won't understand why some things act weirdly/f*ck up and the page you produce will probably be flaky & full of crappy code.

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    Thanks muchly.

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    Arachnophilia and Webdwarf are nice and simple editors, too. The Dwarf one is 99% idiotproof.

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    There are some great programs like Top Style which may be more complex than you need, but you can just use a WYSIWYG editor. Perhaps DHE Editor or even Frontpage may be the way to go. They are easy to find. Google is thy friend

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    Whether its small or big, dont go with the crap

    Dreamweaver for WYSIWYG editor for coding purposes (M&#036; Frontpage inserts crappy code)
    TopStyle Pro for css editor (if needed)
    Fireworks/Photoshop for graphics...

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