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Thread: The Rundown Backup Problems

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    Ok, so ive been producing back ups of my movies since dvd writers first came on the scene. Nowadays I use dvd xcopy xpress or DVD Shrink 3.1. And they ahve always made a good clear 1.1 copy of my dvd's. I recently bought the rundown region 1. And tried to produce a back up and after 50% of "compressing" its says error reading disc, disc copy protected on dvd shrink and xcopy xpress. Ive made back ups of hundreds of dvds I own, so my skills aint an issue and the rundown disc is brand spanking new. I think they've finally got us peeps who backup dvds by the bollocks. I can rip it though to svcd or vcd....but thats just plain crap. Anybody else having the same issues?

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    try the new release of DVD Decrypter

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    I had the same problem only to find out the disc was a little dirty I cleaned the disc and it was fine.


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