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Thread: Very Important Question

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    well... its like this:

    were learning about parabulas in maths... (multiplication of functions)

    so, how do you draw and explaine how you solve the following parabula: (2x-4)(5x+15)?????

    thanks guys... please, i need the answer by tomorrow morning


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    digging into brain, duhhherrrm - i think you solve it by finding where the line crosses the x-axis, and you would do that by putting the equation into the form ax"+bx+c (" that's a superscript 2 by the way)

    to draw it you need to work out where the y-intercept is, and i can't remeber how

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    1 (2x-4)(5x+15) = 10x-20x+30x-60
    = 10x+10x-60

    2 Found my old TI-83, and you're in luck : I made a little program that'll do the rest for ya : the graph intersects the X-axis (Y=O) at x=-3 and x=2

    Explaination : B-(4AC) -> discriminant, here that would be D=2500
    (-B[+/-]root(D))/(2A) => intersect points

    You're welcome

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    oh hum yet another student that doesn't want to put his/ her own research time in

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