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Thread: Latest Realplayer Codecs

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    Big Brother has just started again for the fourth time in Australia and we have free webstreaming. Using Real Alternative, I only get audio. No picture. I've been told that Real Alternative doesn't have the codecs that Real Player 10 has. Is there anyway I can get the codecs? Or can you release a new version with it please? I would be ever so greatful as I don't want to download Real Player 10. Thankyou!

    - Aaron

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    The latest version is based on RealPlayer 10. So it should work.

    Can you post an url to a website that has one of those streams that doesn't fully wotk?

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    I couldn't really get the link, you'll have to sign up to the site. SORRY! Here is the link Live Streaming. Btw, I have the Real Alternative from the Mega Codec Pack 1.01. I hope any of this helps.

    Choosing either Hi or Lo streaming on the website, the problem is still there.

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    Try Real Alternative 1.23 beta 1 linx05 because as I type this I am watching the stream and the only thing I can pick up is that the audio is only in the left channel.

    Real Alternative 1.22 Final doesnt work with the BB streams.


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