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Thread: Make Your Point

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    Jan 2003
    It is not my intention to make a thread for discussion or argument here. If possible I would rather use it for people to make any points they want to, about the current situation. Or to make suggestions about how to improve the situation.

    If you could possibly not explain to previous posters why they are wrong, but merely post your own opinion / suggestions. That way people could say what they feel without risk of being flamed. Some of the less frequent posters may feel free to have their say as well, I would like to hear what everyone thinks. Not just those of us who are quite happy to take flack

    Please also don't agree with previous posts. If you feel the same way then make a post of your own, in your own words. Again this will let everyone know how individuals feel, not just that they support a position written about by someone else.

    I know that people can post however and whatever they want, however I feel this would be a useful exercise. It should be easier to read what everyone thinks rather than reading thro' a thread which is a collection of argument and counter argument, with 2 or 3 conversations ongoing.

    I have 3 points I wish to make.

    1. Remove anti-spam. It does nothing but cause hassle for the members. Someone here must be able to do it. How long have we all agreed it needs taken away.

    2. Return to the mods moderating the board and admin administering it. It was always the case that admin said this would continue. They said they would not moderate the board, merely run it. They said that the mods were the people best placed to do it, I agree.

    3. No more straight banning. Back to warning - moderation - longer moderation - occasional ban. Even for the worst offences the account can be suspended until a decision is made.

    Thanks for reading.

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    I would like to see an "amnesty" for many of the members in the ban list.
    Now that we have a new Administration, lets have a new begin..... Except for the obvious ones; such as those who where caught with child porn etc...

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    Remove anti-spam, which will be done at the earliest opportunity. No one likes it.

    Reverse the bannings of HaXor and Celery, as they werent carried out according the Mod guidelines in force. They should both be on Moderation though

    These are the only 2 bannings I wish to reverse, as 90% of bannings are for Troll accounts set up just to cause trouble and the others (former members) were discussed and agreed in Team Chat.

    Make Warning Panels visible to members, so they can query/appeal Warnings they have been given, and periods of Moderation/Bannings should not therefore come as a shock.

    Revamp the Mod Guidelines so this crap cant happen again.

    All of the above are currently being discussed, less the anti-spam which everyone is in agreement with and we're getting really P'd off with too.

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will

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    1) No immediate bans, the mods and admins should (do?) have rules as well for how they treat offences by members.
    2) banning someone because you and he disagree and/or flame each other is wrong, disagreements between 2 people on the board are just that, regardless of whether one person is a mod/admin and therefore has the power to penalise the other. Ie basically the same rules apply to everyone. I don't really agree with rule
    11. Flaming moderators or administrators isn't allowed. They just do their job and they are very good at it.
    imo flaming of mods&admins should be treated as maybe a tiny bit worse than flaming a normal member. I realise at the moment mods and admins will attract quite a lot more than the typical amount of flaming, but i'm sure that never used to be the case(at least from normally friendly members). I think a lot of people have not built up any respect for the abilities of the admins. That is probably more due to the number and newness of the admins, than their actual abilities.
    3)I'm glad antispam is history

    I didn't know celery at all, (though i got the impression he said stfu and teh a lot), but haxor seemed helpful, knowledgeable and generally friendly, even though in this instance (which i haven't seen) he may have gotten pissed off and become abusive, but I can't imagine it warranted a banning.

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    Knowledge is Power
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    Dec 2002

    Will that do it, or does it have to be bigger?

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    Banning without warning is wrong. Immediately suspend or moderate someone is OK.

    And I suspect that some Admins. have changed their nics to conceal their identity & I find this disturbing as well.

    And I'd like to dump members that have zero posts & haven't visited in 6 mos or more. I think that should cut 50,000 - 100,000 members. It's ridiculous to say we have 120,000 members when most are described by the previous sentence.

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    I belive that the post before me speak volumes...without me adding my two cents.
    (even if I have added my two cents already )

    So lets get back to talking about filesharing,shaved bums,what we ate for breakfast and other silly conversations.

    Peace brotherdoobie

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    Mar 2003
    My opinion as a bystander is that this board seems to be going downhill to Communist Hell fast.
    Even though it is said that I cannot be flamed for this post, I would still like to give my best shot at justifying why I think what I think.

    I do not know what the deal with Haxor was. All I have seen is that he disagreed with Admins on the "no site links in posts" rule.
    But I do know that Haxor helped me with a php script I was having trouble with, and that makes him a good guy in my book.

    Hear the following facts presented to me by simply reading the posts here makes me think this is turning into a commy board:
    * haxor was APPARENTLY banned without warning
    * I have not seen one single post of his violating any rule, unless disagreeing and discussing a new official rule is considered a crime. If that IS a crime, then it is all the more commy.

    So the options on this is:
    * Haxor was banned for disagreeing with Admins. Thats communistic, if they cant take good counter arguements without banning.
    * Haxor was banned for breaking some other rule, but without warnings or probation time. Thats communistic, if they are selective about who gets to be on moderation and who doesnt.

    Also, Id like to say that if someone like me, a regular yet not a posting regular, thinks that this is commy attitude (possibly a created effect caused by my lack of insights on the matters, mind you), then by the gods what does the newbies and other regular/potensial regulars think!?

    As a closing I would like to add yet another nail in this coffin-post which will most likely net me a juicy PM from a mod/admin or possibly the full ban right away:
    Un-fucking-wind. This is just a forum ffs.
    Of course, as a software forum amongst others, you need rules to protect peoples computers from being raped by all kind of scripts. BUT, pull the dildos out of your asses and realize that with so many helpful and trusted sites out there, you NEED some form of dbase, list or usergroup which are allowed to post links to said trusted sites.
    If authority figures would step off their high horses and start flaming ppl who flame them back, create a Flame forum for it for instance, it would be more enjoyable to read
    Sage goes in the signature field.

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    Its magic baby!
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    I would like to say hi.

    I have no point but the point itself,......sod it whats the point.

    BTW pointing is rude and is not allowed under rule #12.


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    I'm sure this thread was closed yesterday? Am I just too damn drunk or what?

    My I add my point to this thread?
    Honesty is the best policy. (unless its ESV then dishonesty seems to work but lets be honest we're better than that, are'nt we? )

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