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Thread: Cd Clint.dll

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    how can i remove cd clint.dll????

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    If i am correct - u are refering to the spyware - cd clint.dll found in kzzaa
    to make sure you have the non spyware version
    uninstall Kazaa - run spyware/adaware - remove the cd clint.dll
    download the newest version of Kzalite- follow instructions
    and youll be ok
    read the faq found in the klite application about cd clint.dll

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    thnx your right but iv tryed it and it wil not remove

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    Go here and click on K-Lite Tools. Then check out K-Cleanup. It may help you.

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    who me?
    damn, i didnt think anyone was still using that old piece of shit anymore (kazaa, not KL) its nice to see this board help those less fortunate

    *edit* ad-aware will remove the cd clint file

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    ad aware cant remove it......

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    and i cant download k-cleanup

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    thnxs finaly its gone iv downloaded spy sweeper thats the one that remove is not adaware or ssd thx for your advice

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    Originally posted by iwannetje@4 May 2004 - 09:33
    and i cant download k-cleanup
    Why not?

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    it just wont start the download

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