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Thread: Kazaa Freezes

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    like everybody else, kazaa would not load anymore about 2 weeks ago, and the only version i can get to work now is clean kmd...ive had sp2 for a while and kazaa always worked with it, and i always keep updated with ad-aware...i tried looking for the db folder or whatever but it doesnt come up on a search, and i even used registry cleaner...ive been trying to find helpful posts that actually solve this problem but nothing good so if you can or direct me to a helpful topic

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    could be three things

    1: corrupt file in your shared folder (empty to a temp and see if this happens)

    2: corrupt db folder, to see it:

    tools>folder options>view> here check the box for ?show hidden files?then uncheck the box that
    says ?hide protected operating system files (recommended)

    after that look for it:

    The database files can be found in one of the following locations, depending on your version of Kazaa Lite:

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kazaa Lite\db
    C:\Documents and Settings\%your username%\Application Data\Kazaa Lite\db
    C:\windows\Application Data\Kazaa Lite\db
    C:\program files\kazaa lite\db\

    3: it could be your windows update ( run windows compatiblity wizrad on klite and see if that helps)

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    not the shared folder, not windows update...i found db and deleted it but lite didnt work...clean kmd does but that worked before...i installed lite with clean kmd installed too and when i opened lite it opened as clean kmd...nobody knows whats wrong i guess

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    you sure its not the windows update??

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    hmm, can you run clean and lite at the same time ?

    perhaps this is the problem

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    windows update gives me like 3 crappy options, im sure its not that...i cant run both programs at the same time, i just have both of them installed, so when i run klite it runs as clean kmd...just using the clean kmd exe i assume

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    well you can't do that, first you need to uninstall both then reinstall one. second run the compatiblity wizard on it and see if that helps(after the uninstall and reinstall if it still does not work)

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    I had this problem what i did to solve it was i first closed ctfmon.exe (with window xp) by ctrl-alt- delete under processes i clicked on ctfmon.exe then end process.
    then i did a search to find the file when i found it i renamed it to snything you want except ctfmon.exe (exp. ctfmon123.exe ) Now that it does not load ctfmon.exe my kazaa start right up never had a problem again.


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