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Thread: Gta Vicecity

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    downloaded vicecity bin/cue file from up2dat,but when i go to mount the cue file using daemon tools i get told unable to mount image.cue sheet:line 1-file not accessable. can anyone help thick newbie :helpsmile:

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    if you got this off kazaa , its obviously corrupted , download the cue/bin again from another p2p if its from kazaa.

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    geebus i cant believe people are still playing this game.......

    BTW: tring going to suprnova and using bittorent instead

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    Right-click the .cue file and open it with Notepad. Tell us what EXACTLY is on the first line. Then look at the .bin file and tell us EXACTLY what that says.
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    can anyone tell me what software to use to open the bin file please

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    it sounds like Cue file is pointing to a wrong file. ITs really common on p2p networks. What you need to do is open Cue file with notepad, and check if it points the correct file, or directory.


    FILE "TheNameOfThe.bin" BINARY <<<< Where there are quotes, you if there is a full path there you can delete it, and just keep filename. Make sure both bin and cue are in the same folder.

    I know in Alcohol 120% you can just mount the bin without the cue most of teh time. No idea about Dameon


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