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Thread: Is It Possible To Get Tv Episodes

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    Is it possible to get episodes of television shows before they are broadcast over the air? I made a $5 bet with a friend who says you can get most episodes a week before they are on TV, but I think he's lying. Not exactly a trustworthy person... I'm almost positive you can't just need a final answer that I can shove in his face and ask for the $5 with . And if you can, how? I don't want to wait 3 weeks for the next episode (season finally) of Alias...

    Edit: Maybe there should be a Televisionworld now that I think about it, we got a Sportsworld...

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    Originally posted by DWells55@4 May 2004 - 01:12
    Is it possible to get episodes of television shows before they are broadcast over the air?
    that's most unlikely i think


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    Yes! Knew it!

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    its not possible....unless your friends with the producers

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    its possible, but doesnt happen much. someone friends with teh producers could steel it and leak it out onto the internet...

    hey it happens with movies, why not episodes?

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    It used to happen quite frequently - but not a week in advance, a day or so in advance was quite common. I used to download Friends and CSI the morning of the day they were airing last season, and even at the beginning of this season, but they haven't been available that early the last few months.

    They're called wildfeeds, and they're transmissions sent by the networks via satellite to their affiliate stations. If you're in the correct location and have the right equipment, you can receive them, and some of the TV show cappers used to do this. This season, most of the networks have begun to encrypt these feeds, so it's not seen as commonly as it was in the past.

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    Well looks like the poster may be out on a bet now...

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    I do it all the time. prime time in the east coast is early afternoon for me. everything i watch on network tv is delayed.

    i enjoy downloading american idol and telling everyone what happened before the show airs.

    it all depends on where your are and what you watch.

    i watched gundam seed as it was airing in japan. it only took a few days for me to get a subtitled copy. only now it is being aired in america. im over a year ahead in that series

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    im in the UK and i get Friends a season (well not this one) in advance, so i guess it depends where you are
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    Originally posted by GHOST 1337@3 May 2004 - 21:31
    its not possible....unless your friends with the producers

    or u got family that work in there&#33;

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