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Thread: Figure This One Out If You Can

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    who me?
    i get some random program crashes due to my windows clock saying it is year 9999. so any program trying to run says the clock is wrong. what the hell is doing this? my bios has the correct time, but windoze just likes to throw a fit once in a while. i just un-installed weatherbug because it would say "weatherbug encountered an unkown error, etc.....". i found the problem when i tried to use windows update, and it told me my clock was wrong (which it was). What causes this stupidity? I have never seen this before. any ideas?

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    oh nevermind, i thought it was the battery but...sine bios has right time, it cant be that.

    maybe windows is trying to sunc the time with the time server, but its not connecting right or something. try disabling it and see if that helps?

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    XP-Antispy can allow you to turn off the time updating feature and do much more. It may help.

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