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Thread: Do U Know What This Song Is About?

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    The song is called "La Negra"
    by Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán
    i need to know some details about this song but i have no idea cuz i dont know spanish.. so i was wonderin if u culd help me out here
    Thx so mcuh

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    help me plz~

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    a well
    These the Lyrics?

    I know it's in Spanish and if you don't speak it then you cant really tell. But is the song title and artist correct?

    Heres a large list of translators you can use to try and find your answer. None of them will give you that great of a translation. Maybe you an run through the poorly translated parts through another engine and it will translate better. Cant help you anymore though.

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    Yea those are the lyrics


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