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Thread: Artist Help

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    only can remember one part of the song "she only comes when she's on top" name that tune for me please and the artist if ya know.

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    someone mentioned Brian Ferry but im unable to find a tune from him, that is what im looking for. So not sure if thats the right direction to go

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    james - laid?

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    i dunno, but ill chk it out. Ive heard this song several times but never caught who the artist was. And all i can remember of at the moment is that one verse. lol

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    THX for the help ThIsIsWhO... that was it. I wanted to play this for my wife. really appreciate it

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    for the missus eh? lol

    anyway for the next time, just "enter lyrics here" into something like google, along with lyrics and you'll usually end up with a artist

    so ""she only comes when she's on top" lyrics brings up:


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