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Thread: Mp3 Dowloads Fading Out

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    I am a new KL++ user and I have successfully downloaded a number of MP3 files so far. However I am having a consistent problem with some specific tracks from the Innocent Eyes album. It seems when I download the larger MP3 files (say 5MB or more), when I reach about the 30sec mark the sound fades to nothing although the file continues to play. I have tried a number of different MP3 players, but the behaviour is consistent. Especially Running Away and Throw It Away?? I have tried these specific tracks a number of times from different sources and get the same result - anyone have similar problems?

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    That's the RIAA
    They used to put screechy musicfiles on the network but they now use the fading out mp3s.
    Just make sure you delete them from your shared folder so other people don't waste their time dl'ing them from you.


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    Listen very carefully, for I shall say this only one

    Do not use KLite for yoru music downloads, as many of the files are corupt. Try Soulseek, WinMX, or other p2p alternatives.

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    but if you must use k-lite, use MP3 Shield, at least it will stop you getting the fakes

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    Yes it's the stupid screwy RIAA!

    Now I use Soulseek for full albums, and K-Lite for everything else.

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    Well not necessarily the past couple of days i have had a few corrupt[screeching] files get by mp3 shield...i have been using this program for quite sometime and this has been the first time this has happen..just shows you that nothing is 100% reliable...but i don"t give a shit what others think Kazaalite[2.4.3] still is the best...i also use SoulSeek..but way to slow
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