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Thread: Help With A Downloaded File

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    Hi, i just downloaded rise of nations and it is a .iso file. it is a 555,000 kb file. i can't open it for anything, i downloaded magic iso, and it still wouldn't open it, it just kept giving me a serious watson 7 error message, does anyone know how to make this damn game work?! Thx, I would really appreciate any help or suggestions,
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    Have you tried burning the ISO to disc and see if it works that way??

    Other options would be to use daemon-tools and mount the ISO and see if it works or ISO Buster

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    Where did you download from?

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    kazaa of course. i tried the other two programs, they did not work either, maybe i just got a bad version?

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    but im not quite sure how to use the daemon tools thing, i would really like to play this game, and it sucks that i can't, any help would be great!

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    so, i have to burn the iso file onto a dvd or what? will the nero demo version do this you think? any other suggestions on what software to use to burn the iso onto a dvd? sorry to be posting so much, just trying to learn some stuff, thx

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    DVD? It shouldnt be on a dvd. When type of a file is it?

    If its a .bin/.cue or and iso/image file.... get Alcohol 120%. Run it and it will install a vitual drive (fake drive that acts as a cd-rom drive)

    Right-click the virtual drive it installed and click mount image. Find you image and it should work.
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    thanks, ill have to try that, it is an .iso file, ill let you know my progress, i appreciate the help though.

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    hey, thanks sooo much, that alcohol 120% worked like a charm! i had never heard of this program, still dont understand how it worked, but now im playin rise of nations! thanks again for your post.


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