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Thread: A Strange Thing

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    okay so here is my story:

    Im on Azureus B31

    so i was downloading UT2004 6CD from a site , and its download speed was not going faster than 30 KBs , so okay no problem for me then i have 3.6 GO to download and i did 64%

    a few hours ago , i closed Azureus because i needed my full speed to go and play on XBOX Live , so i played 3 hours and when i finished i went back to my computer and restarted the little devil

    but when i restarted , i wasnt connected to the tracker , whathever i did but this strange thing happened , in the source / client table i had numbers that appeared but not as usual like :
    Sources Clients

    2(6) 81(232)

    but a bit more like

    Sources Clients

    2 81

    and the error message of the tracker is


    But still then i started downloading , and my Download speed rushed up in 2 minutes a 115KBs and stays like that and never goes down 80 KBs

    so now i'm asking is how is that possible and is there a way to manually deconnect to the tracker and still download like that!

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    My understanding is that you can connect to the tracker at any time but your client will not update until the scheduled update time so you can be downing and upping while showing "connection refused" etc.

    As far as speed goes I find I have good periods (80+ks) and bad periods (20 - 30ks) without any known reason. It's probably the speed available from the swarm at that time.

    As a general rule I find weekends are bad and so are late afternoon/evening (UK time) - I blame kids swamping the net when not at school.
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