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Thread: Invision Change Main Dir

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    Hey all, have a slight forum problem here, made a forum for a friend which I am hosting, but got the main folder name wrong. So the url is:

    For example, and as you can see, forum is spelt wrong, how do I go about changing the folder name, then have the forum work under those settings?

    Sub domain use wont do, as the url will still be shown, unless it can be masked, but either way I'd still like to know how to change a forum dir name and still have it working.


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    You will need access to FTP, from there go into the the directory you spelt wrong, rename it to whatever you wish.

    After you have done this, you will need to go inside the folder, open the "conf_global.php" file and edit the following code to make it correspond with the renamed folder:
    $INFO['html_dir']  	=	'';
    $INFO['base_dir']  	=	'';
    $INFO['html_url']  	=	'';
    $INFO['upload_dir']  	=	'';
    $INFO['upload_url']  	=	'';

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    Cheers Nightie , I'll try that later today.


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