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    kazaa lite is the best peer to peer

    you all who sheres have made my life complite tanks thanks

    mrflanell from sweden

    perhaps ther is going to bee kazaa lite in swedich languesd

    i hope so

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    Originally posted by mrflanell@15 March 2003 - 15:51
    kazaa lite  is  the  best  peer to peer you all who sheres have  made  my  life  complite  tanks  thanks

    mrflanell from sweden

    perhaps  ther  is  going  to  bee  kazaa  lite  in swedich languesd

    i hope  so
    You got that right

    Ask the Mod's if there is one that could be developed at a future date

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    I think Paul is the one who handles the translations.

    Lounge here we come. B)

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    I've been thinking about it but dont think I got time for it.

    Also welcome mrflanell and enjoy Your stay!

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    Welcome to K-Lite forums. If you really can't wait then use resource hacker and translate it yourself.


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