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Thread: Burnt Dvd Playback Problem

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    ok, i bought a liteon dvd+/-rw and a cdrw/dvd combo. when i burnt an anime series (26 files) it worked great in my cdrw/dvd combo drive, but couldn't get it to play in my dvd writer for shit. either would play the file, but be skippy or would just crash pc. i updated the firmware and it did the same thing. my dvd writer is a 8x and the dvd's i'm using are 4x memorex dvd-'s. what's the problem? someone know? thx.
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    not sure how you burnt but this is what i always do:

    convert to mpeg
    use tmpeg dvd author to create the dvd-file structure (vobs)
    then when i burn with nero, i always do "verify written data" - a bad disk can mess the burn completely, so i always do that to check

    oh, and i never "fill" the disk - i.e. to the last byte - i make my files to 4400, so as to leave a little bit of the disk empty, to allow a clean burn, it seems to work better

    try the disk in a standalone player and see if it works..
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