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    Hello all

    So I have just brought a Palm M505 from a computer store that was closing down, I got it for 40% OFF so I could help my self. It has a japanese OS and I want to change it to English OS I tried downloading the up date from the but it couldn't up date because of the language difference. So dose someone know a hash for the English Palm OS 4.0 or 4.1 or any other Palm OS that would work with Palm 505.

    Also can someone please tell me the best way to change the OS I know how to change from Japanese OS to English OS on my PC and Laptop as I have already done this with both of my computers. Any help you can give me wil be GREATLY appreciated

    Thanks in advance
    Dr. Maz

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    OK may is Q's was a little harder than I thought so let me change it a little bit How do I install an English OS over my old Japanese OS

    Thanks in Advance
    Dr. Maz


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