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Thread: The Best P2p Programs.......

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    I'd like to find out what the best filesharing programs are out there. Post your favourites, and reasons why they are the best. I've used Kazaa for a years now, and I am thinking that I am behind the times.

    Also, links to the different ones would be great, for people to check them out.

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    there is no "best" program as every program has it's highs and lows. i personally prefer to use kazaa for video files, but i will not use it for music files. i love using soulseek for music files, but would never use it for video files. some people swear by bit torrent, others (like me) don't like it that much. and so on and so on.

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    At the moment I like Shareaza, (but I wish the builtin preview player would be a wee bit more stable ).. It connects to Gnutella1 and Gnutella2, and also Edonkey and BitTorrent. In total this gives you around the same number of sources available as Fasttrack, if not more..

    It's got a nice feature where what you already have in your library is highlighted in your search so you don't download them again. You can also do multiple searches simultaneously. It also remembers the sources for each file, so that if you start a download, all these other sources will be made available to you also. sharing of partially downloaded files is also supported.

    It's really nice! The only downside to me seems to be the queues (especially with EMule users), but they are not as bad as the queues on WinMX.

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    Ares is fine for me. Though I wish there were alot more people on it. It's just a more evolved fasttrack network anyway.

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    I like kazaa, emule and bittorent. I use emule for archives, bittorent for large files and kazaa for basically everything else. WinMX is ok. I also use Shareaza but not that frequent. Does anyone know of any p2p clients that connect to multiple networks? Thats what im looking for. I only know of Shareaza
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    Newsgroups (not strictly p2p), Soulseek and eMule

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    u may like to check all the pinned guides that we have here about the different p2p progs. available i personally use emule ,dc+ and soulseek
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    I like to use Overnet.

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    try out ....u will find everthing u need there
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