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Thread: Lunar Eclipse

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    Did anyone watch the LUNAR ECLIPSE last night ?
    It was at 9-30 to 10ish CET and was awesome to watch.
    It occurs when the earth is in direct line between the sun and the moon.
    Our ancesters considered it a bad sign and brought bad luck as the moon disappears for a while and is blood red during the happening.

    Dont know when it will happen again-but its well worth waiting for !!


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    sArA's Avatar Ex-Moderatererer
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    Feb 2003
    Yep, I saw it too, although I didn't stay outside too long cos it was so bloody chilly Gilly!

    P.S did you get my PM? (personal message)

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    Hi Doc,
    Yes I did get your message.
    Sorry you couldnt watch all of the eclipse as it was too cold- it was warmish and clear as a bell here so I watched for about an hour.


    Happy Birthday.xxxxxx


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    Cheers mum,

    Just off for a pint after work, have a good evening. Mine will be spent popping round to see Ray & Denise and then I think Ant (mr happy lol) said he is gonna come round.

    Gonna keep it a quiet evening as work tomorrow,

    Still can't believe that Lynx put my age in! I will await my chance for revenge! ha ha ha (maniacal laughter)

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    Ummm, Lunar Eclips, very cool, wish I'd had known there was one last night, but it snowed here, very clowdy, wouldnt have seen it anyway.


    What has this to do with a request? should this not be in the lounge or something?



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