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Thread: Dvd Prog Help

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    hey any of u guys know any software that is good and burns and rips dvd s i have clone dvd but thats a trial any one have any good free programs

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    DVD Decrypter to rip

    DVD Shrink to fit to 1 DVD if needed.

    Nero to burn, or software of choice. However DVD Shrink can use Nero automatically, so it's just one click.

    The first 2 are free and can be downloaded. for everything you need to know.

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    DVD decrypter is best at ripping and if the DVD is small enough, that's all you need to back up to a standard one-sided blank DVD. If it is to big to fit on one DVD, just use DVD Shrink. Nero for just great burning in general, but it's not free. For guides, doom9 is great. You can also use AfterDawn

    This is all you really need for DVD-to-DVD backups. Ripping and encoding is more involved.

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