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Thread: Basic (2003)

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    i somewaught understood the full movie but can anyone explain to me the ending ??? of how they all are alive... west is alive and they all are friends .... they hated west didnt they ???

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    From what i understand. All of them were in a drug busting ring and all of them belonging to Section 8. They all faked the deaths and played the whole "accident" out to find out who was responsible for the drug smuggling.

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    it was all a load of bull shit but it was still good

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    this will xplain the loose ends...

    sergeant nathan west knew that dr. vilmer,mueller and kendall were running drugs (because west is a part of section 8, an agency that stops drug trafficking)...He went to director styles and told him about kendall,mueller,and vilmer and how they were running drugs ... styles did nothing...when styles did nothing, west knew styles was in on the drug trafficking too.styles told kendall and mueller to kill west on the training exercise because west was getting close to knowing the truth about what the 4 were doing.

    Castro,Dunbar, Pike, Nunez (Members of Section 8)were sent into the jungle to protect west because they knew kendall and mueller were going to kill west . west ?kills" (im assuming he used blanks) nunez, castro,and dunbar...Mueller, kendall and Pike get away...Mueller dissapears and later ?kills? West (im guessing west loaded all of the guns with blanks, except for the ones that section 8 had)...Pike told kendall that he knew he would get blamed for west?s death so he switched the dogtags with ?dead? dunbar....(pike really did it to later throw off osbourne..Osbourne would later keep going back and forth between kendall and pike. pike knew this would kill time until the transport showed up and pike (part of section 8) would "vanish")...Pike told kendall to play along with the switched dogtags or pike would tell about the drugs. Section 8 Kept kendall alive and didn't kill him in the jungle because pike would need osbourne to travel back and forth between the two (pike and kendall) and pike would "vanish" whent he transport showed up. styles poisons kendall in the hospital because he thought kendall would tell about his (styles) drug trafficking. styles tries to offer tom 40% of the drug traffcking profits if he doesnt say anything. Tom Hardy declines, styles tries to shoot tom and but osbourne shoots styles (tom is happy because all of the drug traffickers are dead.

    THEN...when osbourne hears tom hardy say "all we have to do is tell the story right", she suspects tom hardy is in on it because all the people in the flashbacks said that. osbourne follows tom and see's pike getting into tom's car (pike must have told the people holding him who he was(section 8) and they let him go)therefore, he could meet tom and get in the car.. Osbourne follows tom hardy and pike back to hardy's apartment.. (the apartment has the 8 ball in front of it to let Castro,West, Dunbar, Pike, Nunez (The "dead" members of Section 8)where to meet. osbourne enters the apartment and discovers west,castro,dunbar,pike and nunez and that theyre not dead (becasue of the blank bullets in the jungle) she discovers how it was all set up to stop kendall, mueller, vilmer and styles drug trafficking.The members of section 8 want her to join the team) Then the members of section 8 have to vanish and as styles said earlier in the movie, "become ghosts"


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