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Thread: Winmx

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    is it really wrth it ???
    i heard its faster..and its got 14 mill people compared to kazaa++ which has 7 mill

    so is it really better than k++ ?? do u still get fakes...
    do u get good pron vids?
    music vids ??

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    if you like complex P2P thats for you...
    KCEASY is for install and ready to go. (except for router users, you need to port-forward to make it work properly).
    P4 2.4C / 1024M / R9600XT 128M / 80GB / 400W
    Peer-to-peer Programs...

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    WinMX is pretty easy to use, but I have only ever used it for music so can't comment on other stuff sorry. Just try and see.


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