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Thread: Easimp3 Powerful Mp3/video Player

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    Easimp3 is a very powerful mp3/video/CD player organiser.

    It offers many useful and unique features, including automatic tagging from filename, new CDDB support, playlist creator, xml database exporting, lyrics viewer (new lyrics finder), album cover viewer, Mp3 alarm clock, Mp3 DJ, fast and intelligent searching and sorting, bookmarks, duplicate finder, renaming of mp3s based on tag information, playlist creation and even lets you create custom web pages and web sites from your mp3 music collection, some examples are viewable here website and webpage created using Easimp3.

    The program uses a very intuitive drag and drop interface allowing the creation of playlists by simply dropping songs /artists /albums /genres or even searches onto the playlist.

    The program automatically scans your music folders and categorizes the tracks by artist, genre, album and more.

    Additional features include a highly customisable display with an in built player mode (small view) and manager mode (large view) and an option to browse your mp3s by folder just like Explorer.

    It was written using the WFC library for Java, which requires Microsoft Java to be installed.

    Image Resized' width='200' height='120' border='0' alt='click for full size view'></a>

    Features coming soon:

    .NET Conversion - 95% complete (beta)
    peer to peer file sharing (ala Kazaa) 90% complete beta (its working, need testers)
    Apple IPod support (0% complete any ideas ne1?)
    Full Easimp3 Help System (50% complete)
    Audio encoding

    <a href=']WEBSITE

    Download Easimp3 1.23 Mb

    Download Easimp3 + MS JAVA 6.09 Mb

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    Apple IPod support (0% complete any ideas ne1?)
    For some reason this had me rolling on the floor - funniest thing I&#39;ve read all day.

    EDIT : great player BTW - drag&#39;n&#39;drop playlists are a dream

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    wow, that looks pretty cool. il give it a shot.

    they say they almost have it set up to share music with others? so it will be like kazaa or something but mainly a player?

    whats the third link for? if you dotn have java or something?

    Is this MS Java gunna uninstall when i uninstall Easimp3?

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    Anything made with java is crappo.

    btw... iTunes > all

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    Why have a couple of actual working programs when I can have a very alpha piece of crap, which connects to kazaa?

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    the programs pretty cool, but it has too many bugs. liek showing the wrogn album art. and it cant seem to add all of my media. wtf is up with that. i set ti to monitor ever folder where i keep music and it still hasnt added it all.


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