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Thread: Vb6

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    i have two forms set out on Visual basic 6

    i have a name i want entering on 1 form and then to automatically show on the 2nd.

    i have it -

    dim name as integer
    this is set on form 1
    i then want to enter text into 'textbox1' and set this as the dim 'name'

    i want to show this name on a second form. i think by doing name=form1.text1.text?

    any ideas?

    how do i do this?
    where would i set these rules? under general?

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    can anybody help me? :helpsmile:

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    You would do a <name of form 2>.<name of textbox on form 2>.Text = name withouth the <>

    So it would be something like: Form2.textbox1.Text = name

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    try just putting text1.text = name in the &#39;load sub&#39; of form2

    i havent screwed with vb in 2 years, so i cant remeber the exact name of the sub; or if sub&#39;s even the right word

    Edit: text1.text = Form1.text1.text would probably work better (like i said 2 years)

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    it was me being a tit

    i was entering it all under the same command.

    1 other really quick one, how do you exit the program?

    i have typed this at the end of the program but when i run it, instead of exiting it goes to debug.

    If Typenewinvoice = "no" Then
    End If
    End If

    End Sub

    p.s. i appreciate the help guys&#33;&#33;~&#33;


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