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Thread: Dhtml Menu Studio 2.0

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    I tried the trial version of this program which is available at , and I loved it. However, I have reached and searched to no avail. Every version I download always ends up being a demo version and it hinders my ability to make extensive menus. If anyone has a full version of this program and can link it for me, you have no idea how grateful I would be. Even a hash to an older but still full version will work fine.

    By the way, if anyone knows of a program that it superior to this one in terms of menus, feel free to share your opinion as I'm sure anything will be easier to find than this program.


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    You might try Free DHTML Menu Builder form coffeecup. Not to shabby.

    Alternatively, you could try /cgi-bin/robot?srch=dhtml+menu+studio]here. I don't know the version number, so I'll leave it up to you.

    A few more places to try are,, and All these sites have freewarea and shareware by the ton.

    Good luck.........
    Later taters..

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